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If you have land and are considering a purchase of camping/'glamping' pods, or simply want an outstanding garden building, please contact us to discuss how denrooms could provide solutions. Depending on the type of pod and application, there may be no need for planning permission as our structures typically fall within the category of 'permitted development', or - in the case of wheeled pods - they legally come under the planning definition of a 'caravan'

Typical uses for a denroom pod

Glamping. When setting up a new glamping site, or extending an existing one, there many important considerations: getting the right look and feel for your site, choosing the right manufacturer, and how to offer great experiences to customers. We believe our denrooms designs are the most stylish, innovative and desireable pods on the market, and offer great value and maintenance-free enjoyment for your business.

However, it's important to note that denrooms pods are not just for the glamping market - the possible uses are endless and they are often used in domestic applications where pods are often purchased to site in larger residential gardens, where (depending on your Local Planning Authority) you may not require planning permission to use the modular home for ancillary accommodation, e.g.:
· Grown up family
· Elderly relatives
· Adapted / mobility assisted living
· Accommodation for carers or staff (e.g. on site security)

- Our larger 'Retreat' pods are a perfect and stylish choice for:
· Urban developments – maximising land use, creating dwellings for single people or couples, offering a fresh alternative to apartment living and giving compact detached quality living
· Social housing – as pressures on housing associations increase, the use of our modular ready-made detached homes offer a perfect solution to provide dense accommodation that is attractive, durable and offering excellent value for money
· Garden developments – to provide separate accommodation for the ‘boomerang’ generation, grown up children, and even for additional guest accommodation

Is Planning Permission required?

It really depends on the land in question and your local council and whether your development falls into the category of ‘permitted development’. To determine whether your proposal may fall into permitted development will depend on a number of factors and it is best to speak with your Local Planning Authority (LPA) who can advise you further.

Building Regulations?

Whether or not your pod will require building regulations approval will also depend on the LPA and the type of pod. Please contact your local planning authority (LPA) for further guidance

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